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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Isn’t Boring

Want to keep ‘the fun’ in your wedding?  Listed below are 10 ways in which you can use to keep things fun and lively at your reception.

1. Make introductions at the rehearsal.

A wedding brings together two families and two sets of friends.  The last thing a bride and groom want is for a big group of people who don’t know each other very well (or at all) to attempt awkward small talk while waiting for the bride and groom to make their way into the reception.  A good way to solve this problem is to invite family and friends to the rehearsal dinner to break the ice BEFORE the big day.  The second time they see each other will be like old home week for them.

2. Stick to your schedule

No one expects things to run with military precision but you don’t want to force your guests to idle around while you take your after ceremony pictures.  This is where the cocktail hour comes in handy.  Set up a lounge or shady courtyard for your guests to mingle and equip the area with snacks, drinks, plenty of of places to sit  and even some background music to set the mood  and keep the party atmosphere alive.

3. Don’t let your guests go hungry during the cocktail hour

Two words, hors d’oeuvres.  Even if you plan on having a full meal at the reception, it’s a good idea to have a few snacks available for your guests to munch on during the cocktail hour.  You don’t want them to get too hungry (read: cranky) or too drunk while waiting for you to finish up your pictures.

4. Plan an exit strategy

If you really want guests to be able to enjoy themselves at your reception, arrange for transportation to get them safely home afterward.  Some couples choose to hold their reception in a hotel banquet hall and block off rooms for the guests (this will also help keep your guests around to the end of the reception) while others hire a shuttle service to run throughout the night.  This consideration gives your guests the freedom to relax (read: drink) without worrying about getting home safely when the party is over.

5. Consider your venue

Of course, your budget will be a deciding factor in determining where you hold your reception but selecting an interesting reception site can go a long way toward keeping your guests entertained.  Many museums rent out their exhibit areas for things such as weddings and zoos often have banquet areas with full view of the animals.  Even in an otherwise bland reception space you can ‘dress up’ the decor with things such as accent lighting or a photo booth or a custom image projection.

6. Work you seating chart

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being the one couple at a table where you don’t know anyone and everyone else went to high school together–particularly if you can see friends having a good time five tables away.  A well thought out seating arrangement is an easy (and cheap) way to make sure your guests spend time with people they like and have similar interests.  You may be even able to set them up with someone new!

7. Put a time limit on toasts

Yes. it’s fun to hear ‘stories’ about you from your friends and family but unless your friends and family are professional comedians, an overly long toast can go from sentimental to painful very quickly.  Limit the amount of toasts to a few key members (Best Man, Maid of Honor, Mom or Dad.)

8. Bring in the …….clowns?

Remember the scary clown/magician from your eighth birthday party?  Today’s speciality performers are nothing like that.  The options for wedding (cocktail & dinner) entertainment span from an interactive DJ to balloon animal artists to belly dancers to singing waiters–these people are PROS at making sure weddings aren’t boring.

9. Think beyond wedding cake

Wedding cakes are still a staple but consider expanding the selection for those with a sweet tooth–we’re talking about a full dessert bar with everything from whoopie pies, truffles, cupcakes, candies and a chocolate fondue fountain.  The dessert bar can double as your wedding favor by setting up plastic bags or boxes for your guests to take a snack for the ride home.

10. Relax—seriously

Planning a wedding can be stressful but when the day arrives, everyone will have more fun if you can overlook any little mishaps (and there’s always SOMETHING that doesn’t go quite according to the plan) and let loose.  Think about it, do YOU have fun at parties where the host is constantly on edge?  To avoid sabotaging your good mood, assign any last minute details to a bridesmaid, relative or your wedding planner—and designate a friend who, if they observe you getting stressed, will ply you with a cocktail or TWO.


10 smart ways to cut your wedding costs

1. Eat dessert first.

Want a big bash, but don’t have the cash? Do a cocktails-and-dessert reception instead of springing for din-din.

2. Off-peak is on the money.

With the exception of the holidays, dates from mid June to mid September in Arizona are less coveted (because of the heat)—so less pricey—than other times. Set on March-May or October-December vows? Book ‘em on an off-night, like Friday or Sunday.

3. Know who your friends are.

Nipping the guest list can shrink costs big-time. To avoid offending non-invitees, pepper wedding convos with words like small and intimate.

4. Say okay to day.

Throw your party before 5 p.m: Brunches and lunches mean a lower tab for the location, meal, and bar.

5. Find a furnished space.

Reduce rental costs by picking a site that’s already outfitted with tables, linens and chairs.

6. Negotiate nicely.

It’s your wedding but their business, so be polite. If your vendors won’t budge on their rates, see if you can strike a deal by eliminating extra services or booking them for their minimum time period.

7. Streamline the bar.

Spare yourself some major moolah by nixing a full bar and serving only wine, beer and soft drinks. Want a hit of hard liquor? Have the bartender concoct one de-lish mixed drink, and offer it as your signature cocktail.

8. Bare your budget.

Be clear about what you can spend when you meet with vendors. It saves time and will spare you from browsing fancier options that may tempt you to spend above your means.

9. Skip a dish.

Cut down on the number of courses you serve. (No one’s going to miss that frisée-endive salad, trust us.) Bonus: Everyone will get way more time on the dance floor!

10. Shave off a tier.

Little-known fact: Wedding cake slices are often left untouched. Ask your caterer to cut thin portions, which will allow you to reduce the size of your order by 10 to 15 percent. Another option: Order a small display cake to cut, and have the caterer serve guests from a sheet cake in the back

These are just SOME of the ways that can save you money on your wedding.  Want some more?  We have 40 more ways to save big on your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.  Contact us now to find out about those additional 40 ways!

Desert Music Entertainment wins 2012 Brides Choice Award

Desert Music Entertainment DJs and Videography was awarded the 2012 Brides Choice Awards by WeddingWire.com.  This award is given to the top 5% of wedding vendors who demonstrate great customer service.  You can check out our reviews on WedingWire.com by clicking on the following link: