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The ‘art’ of giving a good wedding toast


Toasts have been a part of wedding celebrations for hundreds of years, possibly one of the oldest wedding traditions.  How many times have you been to a wedding and the toasts were great?  They were probably more along the lines of boring or worse embarrassing.   One of the secrets to a good toast is being prepared.  ‘Winging it’, unless you are a professional comedian, generally doesn’t work (and professional comedians very rarely ‘wing it,’ what appears to you, in a performance, as a spontaneous remark has actually been rehearsed many times to sound ‘spontaneous.’)

So what are the secrets to giving a good wedding toasts?  The following link that will give you some insight on what makes a great wedding toast.  Brides you may want to send this link to anyone that you think might want to give a toast at your reception.


(Thanks to the folks at ThinkrTV)