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10 things you should know about getting married

Here are ten things you should know about getting married. (Courtesy of Glamour and MSN.com)

1. Your proposal — and wedding — may not be magical.

Your proposal and wedding day will undoubtedly be special and memorable. But there’s a caveat: You’ve spent so much time building up each moment in your head that when those moments come, they may be as awkward and un-perfect as any first-time experience, says Meredith Bodgas, weddings blogger at Merital Bliss. Relax — the “flaws” in your stories will end up being your favorite parts to recount.

2. A short engagement is a good idea if…

You’re a high-stress person who knows she’ll agonize over the details down to the last minute, changing your guest list, or refusing to make the final call on your flowers, your bridesmaid dresses, etc. Spare yourself the anxiety — and the flip-flopping — and get married sooner.

3. You might consider a longer engagement if…

You’re searching for a home while trying to plan a wedding, you have a baby, or you’re involved in any other highly time-consuming life commitments. Wedding planning takes up a lot of evenings and weekends, and if you’re going to be stretching yourself beyond your limits or actively reducing the quality of your life to get married sooner, reconsider your target date — for a better wedding and your sanity.

4. Once you choose a wedding date, stick to it.

“Your wedding date is the first anniversary you pick yourself, so you want to make sure you get it right,” Fusaro says. “So go ahead and take your time selecting the perfect date.” But don’t change it! It’s a big deal if you ask the members of your wedding party, who’ve requested time off and may also be involved in other friends’ weddings, to shift the date — if you switch to a different weekend, they may not even be available

5. Don’t go shopping for your wedding dress without doing these three key things.

First, be certain you really, truly know your budget so you won’t try on a dress you can’t ultimately afford. Second, make sure you know your venue so you’ll pick an appropriate dress. And third, pick your company wisely. (DON’T go with an entourage — too many opinions will drive you crazy.)

6. When wedding planning, get everything in writing.

Prevent nasty wedding budget surprises by getting all arrangements on paper. Reiterate oral agreements, especially with vendors who might not give you a contract, like your makeup artist, to make sure everyone’s on the same page and to ensure everyone stays honest.

7. Relax the day of your wedding.

You’ve been stressed for months, so take this one day for yourself and trust that you’ve made all the right decisions — and let everyone else handle the hiccups

8. You’ll find out things about him you didn’t know before…

…and they may leave you scratching your head asking, “Who’s this guy in my house?” Well, you’ve changed over the years, and that means your husband has too. It’s a good thing, and it’s part of the discovery of marriage — and chances are he’s thinking the same about you.

9. If you want to change your last name, you’re going to have to do a lot of paperwork.

You’ll have to change your license, Social Security card, passport, credit cards, IRS info, etc. If you don’t feel like tackling the job on your own, services like MissNowMrs will help you take care of it for a fee

10. Your partner should make you feel like a better person.

According to a study from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the marriages that last are the ones in which your partner helps you expand your definition and value of yourself. We couldn’t agree more.

Again, thanks to Glamour and MSN.com. We hope this helps your transition from single to married life. For more great information like this contact us at Desert Music Entertainment DJs and Videography of Arizona and San Diego.


San Diego website

Just finished designing our San Diego website (www.DesertMusicDJs.com.) We have performed at a few events in San Diego over the past couple of years and have several others coming up in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to having more a presence in San Diego, so we can pick up more business.

Jill and Ryan Scott’s wedding and reception

Jill and Ryan Scott’s wedding and reception were held at Forest Highlands Golf Club in Flagstaff on Saturday, July 7, 2012.  The ceremony was held outside amongst the pines of the golf course and the reception was held in the banquet room of the clubhouse.   They had such fun guests that the guests were spontaneously doing the ‘wave’ BEFORE the grand entrance of the wedding party.  We provided the sound system for the ceremony and the emceeing and musical entertainment for the reception.  Other vendors working with us at this event were, of course, the staff at Forest Highlands Golf Club, Amanda from Butterfly Petals provided the beautiful flower arrangements for both the ceremony and reception, Jared Harrison of Shutterbooths of Arizona provided the photo booth and the photographers were Robin and Renee of The R2 Studio.

It was a fun event, congratulations, Ryan and Jill, we wish you many years of happiness in your new life together.

Desert Music Entertainment DJs and Videography

Ceremony set-up for Ryan and Jill’s ceremony at Forest Highlands Golf Club in Flagstaff, Arizona

Brides have at least ONE thing that is very important to them when planning their wedding

You may not realize it but as a prospective bride there is at least ONE item of your wedding that you are “high maintainance” about.  That is not meant to be a negative, however, every  bride has one thing (at least) that is very important to her when it comes to the planning of her wedding.  Whether it is the wedding dress, cake, reception site, flowers, entertainment, you name it and almost every bride wants that ONE thing to be perfect.

She may not care that flowers are just OK or that she doesn’t have  multiple photographers tripping over themselves to “shoot” every angle but she may be very particular about how the cake tastes or that her guests have a great dinner.

Again, there is nothing wrong with that, actually that is a good thing because she can then prioritize the other items that she wants to have but may not be as important to her as that ONE THING.

So indulge yourself with the ONE THING that you have to have just perfect for your wedding and don’t feel bad about it.

Desert Music Entertainment DJ Packages

Description of Packages

(All packages are 4 hours of continuous service, additional hours are available)

The Pro DJ Package $595

If your event is in a smaller venue and you are expecting a crowd of 150 or less and have no need for a fancy light show, the Pro DJ Package is just what you are looking for!  You still get one of the most experienced DJs in Arizona, your choice of music and access to your password protected account on DesertMusicEntertainment.com. 24/7, as well as full-time support from our management staff.

The Big Lights Package $695

Looking for a BIG party atmosphere once dinner is over?  Dazzling lighting effects will create that mood?  When you go out dancing at a nice club, what do you see?  Lights, lights and more lights!  Have your venue dim their house lights and we’ll fire ours up.  The Big Lights Package combines different lighting effects with your choice of fun, upbeat music and you’d swear you were at a dance club!

The Big Sound Package $695

Looking for a little more ‘oomph’ in your music?  The kind of sound you can feel?  Our Big Sound Package delivers the goods!  And, don’t worry Moms and Dads—during cocktail and dinner, having more speakers actually can equate to LESS VOLUME.  By extending the additional 2 speakers, included in this package, strategically throughout your venue, we can actually reach more ears with less volume.  This package works great with those uniquely shaped venues when you may need the DJ to have a speaker go around a corner to reach a far part of the room.  You get your choice of either an additional 2 speakers (for a total of 4) or a subwoofer to really feel the bass!

The Big Lights and Big Sound Package $795

Combine the dazzling display of our Big Lights Package with the awesome sound of our Big Sound Package.  This package is a client favorite.

The Ultimate Package $1195

This is our most exclusive package!!!  You get our Big Lights AND Big Sound Packages, PLUS, a second set-up for your ceremony (if your ceremony is in a different location than your reception), our Custom Image Projection AND our Accent Lighting in the color of your choice.  You can save yourself $100 by booking this package (as compared with booking all of these options from our A La Carte list).