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Oakwood Country Club, a wonderful venue to celebrate your event at

As a busy DJ entertainment company (www.DesertMusicEntertainment.com), we perform at many venues during the year.  One of our favorites is Oakwood Country Club in Sun Lakes.  Robyn, the banquet and catering coordinator and her staff are wonderful to work with…very professional and friendly and the the ballroom is large (although if you don’t need a lot of room for your event, it can be divided up) beautiful and well kept.  Plus the air conditioning works great (an important issue for Arizona events!)  As for the outside vendors (which includes us), the ‘load in/load out’ couldn’t be better.  The food and bartending service are top notch.

If you are looking for a very nice venue for your wedding, party, banquet or whatever, you should consider Oakwood Country Club in Sun Lakes (south Chandler.)  You can reach Robyn at 480-895-7275.


Top Ten Wedding Movies of All-Time

Once a couple gets engaged, a lot of what they do (mostly brides) revolves around planning their wedding. Even the television shows or movies they watch are wedding related. Well, if you want to have a nice night in and watch a movie that is wedding related, here is the top ten wedding movies of all time (information provided by the Knotcom.)

Drum roll, please!

10. Princess Bride

9. The Wedding Singer

8. Muppets Take Manhattan (I don’t get this one)

7. Wedding Crashers

6. Four Weddings and A Funeral

5. Love Actually

4. My Best Friend’s Wedding

3. Rachel’s Getting Married

2. Sixteen Candles (I guess but #2?!)

And the #1 Wedding Movie Of All Time is:

1. Father of the Bride