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Top Ten Affordable US Honeymoon Destinations

Along with getting married usually comes a really nice vacation…your honeymoon!  Here are the top 10 affordable honeymoon destinations in the US.

10. Alaska- Cruise through the many inlets, cool weather, beautiful scenery and planned the right time of year, it can be affordable.

9. New York City-The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, sightseeing doesn’t cost anything and many of the famous attractions are quite inexpensive (even by New York standards.)

8. Niagra Falls-has been a favorite honeymoon destination for decades.

7. Disney World in Florida-Mickey and Minnie’s crew has a certain allure for honeymooners (two 3 day passes are much less than say the airfare to the Caribbean.)

6. Las Vegas-Gambling, shows, great food, wonderful weather.  If you are a little lucky in the gambling area, you can actually MAKE money on your honeymoon.

5. San Diego-It’s Vegas without the gambling but with an ocean and Mexico nearby (and laying on the beach for several days doesn’t cost anything.)

4. Hawaii-Sand, surf, beautiful scenery and as with San Diego, laying on the beach doesn’t cost anything unless you consider the cost of Pina Coladas as an expense instead of a necessity.

3. Cape Cod-In the summertime, not a prettier place to be and surprisingly affordable

2. Puerto Rico-No passport needed as Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth and it has many of the same amenities as Hawaii and San Diego (see laying on the beach.)

And the Number 1 affordable honeymoon destination in the US is:

1. Charleston, South Carolina-great weather, historic, plenty of shopping, wonderful food and AFFORDABLE.