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10 smart ways to cut your wedding costs

1. Eat dessert first.

Want a big bash, but don’t have the cash? Do a cocktails-and-dessert reception instead of springing for din-din.

2. Off-peak is on the money.

With the exception of the holidays, dates from mid June to mid September in Arizona are less coveted (because of the heat)—so less pricey—than other times. Set on March-May or October-December vows? Book ‘em on an off-night, like Friday or Sunday.

3. Know who your friends are.

Nipping the guest list can shrink costs big-time. To avoid offending non-invitees, pepper wedding convos with words like small and intimate.

4. Say okay to day.

Throw your party before 5 p.m: Brunches and lunches mean a lower tab for the location, meal, and bar.

5. Find a furnished space.

Reduce rental costs by picking a site that’s already outfitted with tables, linens and chairs.

6. Negotiate nicely.

It’s your wedding but their business, so be polite. If your vendors won’t budge on their rates, see if you can strike a deal by eliminating extra services or booking them for their minimum time period.

7. Streamline the bar.

Spare yourself some major moolah by nixing a full bar and serving only wine, beer and soft drinks. Want a hit of hard liquor? Have the bartender concoct one de-lish mixed drink, and offer it as your signature cocktail.

8. Bare your budget.

Be clear about what you can spend when you meet with vendors. It saves time and will spare you from browsing fancier options that may tempt you to spend above your means.

9. Skip a dish.

Cut down on the number of courses you serve. (No one’s going to miss that frisée-endive salad, trust us.) Bonus: Everyone will get way more time on the dance floor!

10. Shave off a tier.

Little-known fact: Wedding cake slices are often left untouched. Ask your caterer to cut thin portions, which will allow you to reduce the size of your order by 10 to 15 percent. Another option: Order a small display cake to cut, and have the caterer serve guests from a sheet cake in the back

These are just SOME of the ways that can save you money on your wedding.  Want some more?  We have 40 more ways to save big on your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.  Contact us now to find out about those additional 40 ways!